Veterans Affairs


Many veterans require assistance after service to their country (including post members), and American Legion Post 416 is here to assist those who live in the Lowe's Grove community. We actively participate with the following services and local charities:

National Security


The American Legion believes national security must be maintained to fulfill the mandate for a strong national defense. As one of the principles it was founded on, the Legion believes national security is upheld by keeping a well-funded Department of Defense, a good quality of life for troops, and a sensible transition between service and separation. Post 416 is here to assist the Lowe's Grove community with local emergency response or disaster preparedness, as well as providing advocacy to Legion department and national offices to advocate for a strong national defense.



The American Legion is committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and citizenship. Post 416 participates in the following American Legion programs:

Youth Programs


The American Legion has been a strong advocate for children and youth since its inception. This steadfast dedication has never wavered and continues to be a driving force on behalf of children across the country today. Post 416 actively participate with the following local services and local charities: